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Vilcanota is a dance company founded in the year 2000 and based in Montpellier, France.

Our aims are three-fold, and can be summarized under the headings of Creation, Transmission, and Teaching.

Two of the main themes that run through our output are a firstly a questioning of individual and collective behavior ; and secondly a concern to expose what we see as the failings of society. Our performances offer a poetic and often humorous take on what is often a challenging reality.

A strong interest in text is matched by an equally strong sense of theatricality.

Through the sometimes outlandish and even absurd characters portayed in our performances, we hope to convey the power of everyday actions and intimate human emotions.

Vilcanota makes shows





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The Vilcanota company is supported by DRAC (french ministry of culture), Région Occitanie, Hérault department and Montpellier city.

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