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In 'TumulTe', five dancers, a soprano, a counter-tenor, and two musicians take up the challenge of bringing together dance, baroque music, and electro-rock.

 They form a human community, one which can come together during powerful sequences, only to separate and follow individual and unpredictable impulses. They play around with gravity and explore the contours of mouvement. They defy time with vibrant and abrasive dances, reminiscent of tribal dance. They can smile one moment; just as they can burst into tears the next. They speak to us of some of the disorders of our wavering world.

 A world where we can bump into Pergolèse, Monteverdi, Porpora, and Vivaldi, who cross swords with harsher sonorities. Sometimes with vertiginous results...

A world where we can feel the emotion of a crystal-clear voice breaking the silence of people in trance ; where we can guess at the astonishment of blind hands brushing against an anguished face ; where we discover the fright engendered by fitful convulsions tracing a line through space.

 TumulTe is made up of the sounds of mankind, of their souls, of their passions.

 It is a performance combining many facets, musical as well as choreographic, inserting the spirit of the Baroque into a decidedly contemporary universe.

Choreographer & scenographer : Bruno Pradet

Dancers : Christophe Brombin, Jules Leduc, Noëllie Poulain, Thomas Regnier, Loriane Wagner

Musicians and singers : Marion Dhombres (soprano), Mathieu Jedrazak (contre-tenor / violin), Frédéric Joiselle (voice / guitar), Franck Tilmant (voice / bass)

Sound arranger : Yoann Sanson

Lights creation : Vincent Toppino

Costumes : Laurence Alquier

Lamp constructor : Pierre-Yves Aplincourt


Coproduction : Compagnie Vilcanota, Théâtre de Bourg en Bresse (01), Théâtre de Roanne (42), Théâtre d’Aurillac (15), Théâtre d’Auxerre (89)

Support : l’Agora / Montpellier Danse (34), Les Hivernales CDCN d’Avignon (84), le Gymnase CDCN de Roubaix (59) - ADAMI et SPEDIDAM

Occitanie en scène for mobility support during Avignon Festival.

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The Vilcanota company is supported by DRAC (french ministry of culture), Région Occitanie, Hérault department and Montpellier city.

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