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Monnaie de singe

Creation 2011


 Monnaie de singe ("Phony money") proposes some ideas for a meditation, not really economical, nor even ecumenical, but significant on the madness that overtakes humankind when hearing the sweet rattle of coins invading their brains, and transforming the lamentations of the world into white noise.

 The performance is based on an original text by Patrick Goujon. It combines the spoken word, dance, and visual images in an effort to express the confinement into which greed can plunge us.

Monnaie de singe.jpg
EN - Monnaie de singe

Boby Boy

Choreography for young audience,

freely inspired by the musical universe of Boby Lapointe

Creation 2010

Teaser "Boby Boy"

Boby Boy, it is the meeting of Amédée and Irma. He is “three feet” tripied, he sorts out feet. Her, she would like to go to the cinema.

Giggles, clumsiness, small furious dances, little sunday songs… they call out to one another, collide and brush.

In fact they well have to like or love themselves a little.

Dynamic tribute to the universe of singular Boby Lapointe,brilliant knitter of words who has fun with everything and likes to mix the sense of things.

EN - Boby Boy

Des cailloux sous la peau

Dance of material, material of dance, when the image gets tangled...

Creation 2009

Diaporama "Des cailloux sous la peau"

Inspired by Etienne - Jules Marey's work on the movements of the air.

"Des cailloux sous la peau" is the course of a strange traveler crossing mysterious, hypnotic parts of the country, strewed also with unexpected smiles. He meets characters who dance with sand, smoke, light, image, sounds, in a choreography where they don’t always have the leading part. The vibrations and the suspensions which drive them create other universes, other visions which seem unreal. It’s in the heart of the meeting, between bodies and material, that movements touching the supernatural build up themselves.

EN - Des cailloux sous la peau
EN - Pousse-toi

Pousse-toi !

Creation 2008


Teaser "Pousse-toi !"

Two characters fired by the same ambition to win, a desperate rivalry hidden under the cover of artificial politeness....the stage is set for this fast-moving duo where the energy of the two participants pushes them to crazy competitions, orchestrated by a merciless Master of Ceremonies.



Creation 2007
Co-production with "association ça - Hervé Diasnas"

Teaser (H.B.D.P.)²

Behind closed doors, two “soldiers of a paper army” are overwhelmed by sheets after sheets of   paper spewed out by a machine whose incongruous logic escapes us. Papers bearing orders, the order of things, the things of life. A “face to face” in a world of gestures, but where occasional  words come along to remind us that they do in fact have some meaning. In this duo; at once absurd and joyous, visual theatre and a theatre of objects are counter-balanced by a dance of great power.

EN - Reproduction interdite
Reproduction interdite.jpg

Reproduction interdite

Pour 5 performers and a puppet

Creation 2005

Five characters in the excitement of a happy event where everyone brings his own fantasies.«Reproduction interdite» evoke in a shortened way the terrible and unfinished story of the transmission of life.Some metaphors of this adventure aretold us by curious creatures which we call men.In their side, a silent puppet seems to tell us that the frenzy of these apprentices loosers has nothing tragic

EN - Showroom

Show room

For 2 performers, a viola de gamba, some graphics dans audience participation

Creation 2004

Teaser "Show room"

Show Room is a show which goes round in circles, when two artists square up to their audience.

Back and forth between reality and fiction, the spectators follow a series of variations, some scholarly, some comical, some ironic, burlesque or poetical; all dissecting the long and delicate journey of the creative process.

This eclectic production shamelessly mixes dance, music, theatre of the absurd, and visual projections, all carried along by a crazy duo, whose comments on the throes and hardships of the creative process are often deeper than they appear on the surface.

EN - Parole de muet
Parole de muet.jpg

PaRoLes De Muet

For 3 performers, some graphics and materials...

Creation 2004

Teaser "PaRoLes De MueT"

In Paroles de muet , three performers try , each in their own way, to speak, to express themselves, without truly succeeding, leaving wide open the spaces that separate them one from the other. So they invent poetic languages . They speak in images, they use different materials and music as extensions of themselves.

 Transparent or opaque, these blend with, and sometimes completely merge with the performers.

 Image and materials become partners in the scenic process, as indeed they are part and parcel of our day-to-day lives.

EN - Décidément


For 3 dancers and 1 musician

Creation 2003

Teaser "Décidément"

Décidemment  takes a caustic look at humanity in an outrageous setting, where the virtual and the real are intertwined; where the wealth of images leads to their becoming subliminal, where the hurly-burly is so intense that no melody can be perceived, and where ' I buy, therefore I exist ' seems to assert itself as the heroic ' Credo ' of a new race. Such an environment must surely affect the relationships that men and women form between themselves.

Chaos intime.jpg

Chaos intime

For 2 dancers - when boy meets girl

Creation 2002

Teaser "Chaos intime"

Fragments from the everyday life of a man and woman, searching to understand how they came to be where they are. A route marked by intimate contours, by moments of chaos, by barely visible scars and covered by the dust shaken down by the years. An everlasting theme explored by this short and visually strong production, a succession of tableaux , non-complacent and full of derision.

EN - chaos intime
EN - Doré d'eau

Doré D'eau

Aquatic choreography in urban spaces

For 4 dancers, 1 musician and a fountain

Creation 2007

Golden bodies, wet bodies, collapsed bodies, glowing bodies, trembling bodies...
Facing an impetuous, impertinent and sometimes timid water.
The meeting occurs without knowing who, human or water, really leads the dance.
Moving bodies and water movements come together in the magic of the ephemeral ; and when everything is calm, one can hear the viola da gamba’s song.

EN - Confessions


a solo that hits the spot

Creation 2001

In this short performance, the audience find themselves in the position of witnesses to a number of ' confessions ' delivered with a degree of savagery, and much sincerity . The performer's intentions, whether they be choreographic or theatrical, reinforce the intimate feel of the stage  installation.

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