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outdoor performance **summer 2022

Photo : Alain Scherer
Photo : Alain Scherer

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Photo : Alain Scherer_ShortPeople_20220729_435_web
Photo : Alain Scherer_ShortPeople_20220729_435_web

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Photo : Alain Scherer
Photo : Alain Scherer

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Photo : Alain Scherer
Photo : Alain Scherer

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From “Short people” we retain the idea of a declining society, symbolised by a group of people whose members attempt, in their own way, to confront the brutality of the world around them.


How to remain ‘ human ‘ in our current confusion ? How to stand up, and remain standing?

How to deal with others: my mates, enemies, friends, cousins, brothers, my ego, my shadow….

Others, as parts of myself.

Take hold of this other to affirm my existence, crush them in order to keep one’s head above water, then rescue them before they sink, in order not to be alone.

Stick closely to people to reassure oneself, break with them to scream, stop everything to laugh, laugh, and laugh again.

And always the incarnation of the dance, bearing witness to continued life.


Dance, the driving force of this project…

A tribal dance at its roots, but contemporary in its form and in the music with which it combines.

A dance which relates the beauty of a fall, the violence of a moment of tension, the blindness of a running man, the collapse of a cadence, or the declaration of love between space and time.

 A dance which bears witness to everything that can be expressed in a gesture, an image, in that searing intensity so difficult to put into words.

A dance which makes of “Short people” an eminently ‘physical’ performance, testing the mettle of a small community harassed by heady sonorities.

“Short people” : constructed like a musical score, more about resonance than reason.

“Short people” : made by people for other people.


Hinging on a choir-like movement structured around a pulse, a slow evolution brings about an imperceptible shifting from one situation to another. In this drawn-out transformation, images follow on one another to evoke a small corner of the world, busy preserving a harmony essential to its survival.

Choreographer : Bruno Pradet

Dancers : Christophe Brombin, Céline Debyser, Jules Leduc, Thomas Regnier, Loriane Wagner

(in alternance with Claire Vuillemin)

Composer and arranger : Yoann Sanson & Mr Spoon

Costumes : Rozenn Lamand

Production : Association Vilcanota

Thanks to : Office culturel d’Alenya (66), La Comédie – Scène nationale de Clermont-Ferrand (63)

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The Vilcanota company is supported by DRAC (french ministry of culture), Région Occitanie, Hérault department and Montpellier city.

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