Freely inspired by the musical universe of Boby Lapointe

Photo - Vincent Toppino
Photo - Vincent Toppino

Photo - Richard Pelletier
Photo - Richard Pelletier

Photo - Richard Pelletier
Photo - Richard Pelletier

Photo - Vincent Toppino
Photo - Vincent Toppino


A genial hommage to the very special world of Boby Lapointe.

Boby Lapointe, a genius of word entanglement, loves mixing meanings, and laughs at everything and everyone. In his songs each couplet can reveal the absurd, the lyrics dance, intersect, and reflect each other; they twist and turn, often revealing the tenderness hidden at the heart of things.

Whether indulging in a good laugh or making clumsy blunders; whether in mad dances or in crazy discussions; the two dancers of Boby Boy call to each other, confront each other, or brush against each other in this performance where visual images and the two dancers' bodies join in a happy mix with Boby Lapointe's songs and texts. 

Conception : Bruno Pradet

Choregraphy and performance : Bruno Pradet and Patricia de Anna or Céline Debyser

Lights & video creation : Vincent Toppino

Music : Yoann Sanson

Scenography : Dr Prout

Costumes : Laurence Alquier

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With the suppprt of: Arts-Vivants 52, La Forgerie-théâtre de Wassy, la DRAC et la Région Languedoc-Roussillon, le Département de l’Hérault, la Ville de Montpellier

Thanks to : CDC les Hivernales d’Avignon, l’Atelier Cie Yann Lheureux

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The Vilcanota company is supported by DRAC (french ministry of culture), Région Occitanie, Hérault department and Montpellier city.