Created in 2013

Coproduction between Vilcanota and "les Blérots de R.A.V.E.L."

** a dance concert ** for all audiences **

"l'homme d'habitude website"


L'homme d'habitude is a show born out of a remarkable meeting between dancers from the Vilcanota company, and musicians from the Blérots de R.A.V.E.L. It's impossible to say who is leading whom in this hybrid show with a pronounced Rock bias; as the eleven performers join to form a single tribal unit, swept up together in a jubilant whirlwind.

A surrealist drummer in pursuit of his cymbals finds himself caught up in an ethereal dance of smoke-rings; an explosive dancer finds herself dissolving into a dream of coloured fireflies. Strange speleoligists babble nonsense while an impressive turnstile goes haywire. The staging takes no acount of normal artistic frontiers in this production where dancers, musicians, and even their instruments interweave in a choreography of unbridled energy. Image follows image, laughter is never far away, and suddenly without warning, music and dance are speaking the same language...


« Not a single false note in this show which combines music, dance and scenography. [...] All around, within, above, and below, a group of male and female dancers deploy their pure and frank gestures under inpressively effective lighting. »

Vincent MARIN- Vaucluse Matin

« We are transported to a place far from this world....we are beyond language, beyond the tangible, beyond reality in these instants of perfect magic.. »

Nicole BOURBON - Reg'Arts


Choreographic conception : Bruno Pradet
Dance performance : Christophe Brombin, Lucille Daniel, Céline Debyser, Bruno Pradet, Claire Vuillemin, Loriane Wagner
Music : les Blérots de R.A.V.E.L.
Musicians : Camille Mayer, Claire Moulin, Arnaud Joyet, Franck Tilmant, Alice Noureux, Fred Joiselle, Yvan Ackermann 
Lights creation : Vincent Toppino
Sound engineer : Guillaume Thomas or Mathieu Guettier
Stage manager : Adrien Ropers
Scenographic design : Christopher Haesmans and Dr Prout
Costumes : Laurence Alquier
Visual : Tilby


Produced by : Association Vilcanota, Association La Tambouille
With support from : DRAC and région Languedoc-Roussillon, région Ile de France, département de l'Hérault, département des Yvelines, ville de Montpellier, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, La Nacelle - scène conventionnée d'Aubergenville (78), Le Chai du Terral à Saint Jean de Vedas (34), Château Rouge à Annemasse (74)


© photos : Tilby, Alain Scherer, Adrien Ropers