Created in 2013

Gravitational Dance for Urban spaces

** for 4 dancers - 35mn **


Doted with strange heads, four characters babbling in an incomprehensible language pace up and down trying to control the force of gravity. They twirl and whirl to their heart's content, they follow each other in indian file or collide wildly. In this game with mysterious rules, they cling to capsizing metal posts, grab hold of gyrating balls; all in an effort to find some kind of unity, until they completely lose control.

New Town is a moment of choreography for aerial craftsmen, flirting with the Burlesque.


Conception : Bruno Pradet
Choreography and performance : Arnaud Cabias, Christophe Brombin, Nicolas Hubert, Bruno Pradet
Sound creation : Yoann Sanson
With the complicity of : Olivier Papot, Béatrice Chatron


Supports : DRAC and région Languedoc Roussillon, Conseil Général de l'Hérault, ville de Montpellier, Centre Chorégraphique National de la Rochelle (17) - Espace Bernard Glandier - Cie Didier Théron à Montpellier(34) - OMC d'Alenya (66) - Elne (66)
Thanks : "Le Lieu" aux Angles (30) - Le Gymnase-CDC Danse à Lille (59)
Sponsorship : Spectat - Ingénierie du spectacle

New Town received the support of Réseau en scène Languedoc Roussillon for the event "Chalon dans la rue" in 2013.



© photos : Micheline Sanson