Created in 2002

**  all audiences - 30mn  **


Fragments from the everyday life of a man and woman, searching to understand how they came to be where they are. A route marked by intimate contours, by moments of chaos, by barely visible scars and covered by the dust shaken down by the years. An everlasting theme explored by this short and visually strong production, a succession of tableaux , non-complacent and full of derision.


“ The fluidity of bodies that at last lose themselves, prisoners of a miraculous star-strewn night. Bruno Pradet’s production opens an infinity of perspectives."

Midi Libre

Conception : Bruno Pradet
Chreography and performance : Céline Debyser, Bruno Pradet
Sound creation : M. Spoon
Lights creation : Vincent Toppino



Support : l'Estrade de la Chélidoine (19)
Thanks : Compagnie Didier Théron et Association ça - Hervé Diasnas


© photos : Jean-Gros Abadie