Created in 2009

Material's dance, dance's material, when the image tangles...

** For 4 dancers - from 9 years - 60mn **


Teaser ambulatoty performance


Inspired by the work of Etienne-Jules Marey on mouvements in air

Des cailloux sous la peau is the journey of a strange traveller crossing mysterious lands, hypnotic lands, but lands also dotted with unexpected smiles. He meets characters who dance with sand, with smoke, light, visual images and sounds; in a choreography where they themselves sometimes take second place. The vibrations and the suspensions which result from this mix give rise to alternative worlds, alternative visions which confront reality. At the heart of this meeting between bodies and the material world, a choreography is created which is touched with wonder.


This production also exists in the form of an « ambulatory performance », the organization and duration of which are fixed in concertation with the hosts. The spectators proceed through an interior or exterior environment rendered strange by unusual manifestations. They stop a while to observe sand flowing, visual images taking flight, people dancing.


« ...never before have I had this vision : « they're making fun of space ! » This is the only way I can describe the fascinating effect produced by the combination of video projection, props and lighting; everything moves, flows, vibrates like the costume around the actors' bodies »

Isabelle Roche


Conception : Bruno Pradet
Choreography et interpretation : Christophe Brombin, Céline Debyser, Nathalie Galoppin, Bruno Pradet
Lights creation : Vincent Toppino
Sound engineer : Yoann Sanson
Sound creation : Nicolas Stimbre and Yoann Sanson
With the complicity of : Olivier Papot
Scenographic elements : Dr Prout
Painting : Ibrahim Hussein

Bibliography : "Mouvements de l'air : Etienne-Jules Marey, photographe des fluides" de Georges Didi-Huberman et Laurent Mannoni


With the support of : Pacifique|CDC Grenoble (accueil studio), MJC de Rodez, Périscope à Nîmes, Théâtre de la maison du peuple à Millau, Réseau en scène Languedoc-Roussillon, Mission Départementale de la Culture en Aveyron, Hérault Diffusion, ADAMI, DRAC and région Languedoc-Roussillon, département de l'Hérault
Thanks : les Hivernales - CDC Avignon, Théâtre Albarède à Ganges, Eric Clément, Laurent Albouy


© photos : Juliette Moreau, Vincent Toppino, Olivier Sybillin, Silwia, Eric Boudet, Christophe Aubry