Created in 2007

Aquatic choreography in the urban space

** For 4 dancers, a musician and a fountain ** All audiences – 15mn **


Golden bodies, wet bodies, collapsed bodies, glowing bodies, trembling bodies... facing an impetuous, impertinent and sometimes timid water.
The meeting occurs without knowing who, human or water, really leads the dance.
Moving bodies and water movements come together in the magic of the ephemeral ; and when everything is calm, one can hear the viola da gamba's song.

In this short-lived project, the dancers invest fountains for an aquatic choreography in the urban space.

Every case of the project gives rise to a new creation.

Conception : Bruno Pradet
Choreography and performance : Céline Debyser, Mathilde Duclaux, Christophe Brombin, Bruno Pradet
Musician : Jérôme Akinora



Supports : DRAC and région Languedoc Roussillon, département de l'Hérault, ville de Montpellier

© photos : Alain Scherer, Nathalie vanherle