Created in 2004

** For 2 dancers, a viola da gamba, some images and the public - From 6 years – 55min **


Show Room is a show which goes round in circles, when two artists square up to their audience.
Back and forth between reality and fiction, the spectators follow a series of variations, some scholarly, some comical, some ironic, burlesque or poetical; all dissecting the long and delicate journey of the creative process.

This eclectic production shamelessly mixes dance, music, theatre of the absurd, and visual projections, all carried along by a crazy duo, whose comments on the throes and hardships of the creative process are often deeper than they appear on the surface.


" Very funny, lively, and remarkably interpreted by two straight-faced virtuosos; this production
says a great deal about the current difficulties faced by the dance community." -
Philippe Verrièle


Conception : Bruno Pradet
Choreography and performance : Jérôme Akinora, Bruno Pradet
Photographies : Juliette Trouillard

Produced by : assocation Vilcanota and ADMD du Cantal
Supports : Conseil Général du Cantal (Scènes en partage)
Thanks : CDC-Les Hivernales d'Avignon


© photo : Juliette Trouillard, Tilby, Becker