Created in 1999

Absurd chronicle of a society where places in the sun are very expensive

** Solo - all audiences - 25min **


Nonsensical exploration of a society which pays dearly for a place in the sun; seen through the eyes of a character tied up in his own self-assurance, and whose somewhat ridiculous appearance barely conceals his overpowering cynicism. Su(per)realist job interview with an imaginary woman, Petit Air remains, unfortunately for us, highly relevant for us all; year after year.


" It could be sinister, or even become sordid, but it’s very funny. The prejudiced up-tight lecturer, pierced by lightning flashes of dance, transforms into a fully-blown and unpredictable dancer."

Jean Barack - La Marseillaise


Choreography and performance : Bruno Pradet

Music : Radiohead, Hugues le Bars
Lights creation : Marie-Anne Mérat

Lights engineer : Vincent Toppino

Produced by : Compagnie du Pied Gauche
Thanks : Jean-Antoine Bigot

© photos : Jean-Gros Abadie, Jean-Louis Beaujault