Since its creation, the Vilcanota Company has been concerned to accompany its creative activity with varied training and awareness raising projects. These take on different forms depending on the public concerned, and some of these programs are detailed below :

* Training sessions in Dance or Dance Theatre for all ages

These courses take on different forms, and can target different levels, from beginners to experienced dancers. In these sessions the body is seen as a vector for expressing intimate emotions; and alongside work on technique, participants are also invited to work on improvisation and creative writing.

* Awareness raising courses for teachers

These workshops are destined for teachers who wish to initiate creative projects centred on dance or on theatre. The aim is to provide them with a series of simple tools helping with the conception as well as the stage-production of such projects.

* Introduction to Dance culture

Discovery of the many and varied faces of expression that can be conveyed through dance. The instructors share their experiences, and analyse video extracts from different choreographers, pointing out the different intentions and aesthetic choices; and focusing on the scenography and the relations between dance and music.

* Public rehearsals, in the context of a residency, or as part of a performance package

The idea here is to increase public awareness around the creative process, particularly with regard to the importance of the artistically motivated choices which must be made at all stages of the conception and production of a show.
This program is suitable for schoolchildren, as well as for a well-informed audience.

* Masterclass for Performing Arts professionals

These classes are destined for professionals who wish to train on a regular basis. The sessions normally last one and a half or two hours, and focus mostly on technique.


Photo credit : Yoann Guillou