Bruno Pradet began to dance at the age of 18. He continued his dance training with several well-respected figures on the French Contemporary Dance scene, while earning his living as an Electrical Engineer on large-scale building projects.

In 1995 he abandoned this profession in order to devote himself full-time to dance and choreography. From 1995 to 2003 he was a dancer in the companies of Richard Mouradian, Didier Théron and Hervé Diasnas, with whom he performed throughout Europe, and also in Japan, South America, and Africa. In 1995 he was co-founder of the « Compagnie du Pied Gauche »; a collective regrouping dancers and actors, where he co-authored and participated in 4 productions.

Since 2001 he has worked quasi-exclusively with his own company Vilcanota, creating to date a dozen different productions. During this time he has initiated many inter-disciplinary collaborations, with theatre companies, musicians, and storytellers, notably the Athra Company, The Compagnie la Mangoune, Goutes-y-donc Company; and most recently the Blérots de Ravel with whom he has created « L'homme d'habitude », involving 4 dancers and 7 musicians.

Since 1997 he has also directed numerous workshops and training sessions centred on movement, and the dramatic element in dance. His work is characterized by an interest in the power of the spoken word, the notion of the absurd, and an uncompromising vision of the Human Condition.