Artistic process

NT_chalonQuestioning our individual and collective ways of behaving, and exposing the fault-lines of the society we have created; these are two themes which often motivate our creative process.
The shows which result from this approach are firmly anchored in the real world, sometimes a very tangible and challenging world: but are always seen through the perspective of poetry and humour.
Our performances are also characterized by a strong sense of theatricality; and a insistence on the importance of text, and of the notion of the absurd. This is conveyed through the characters on stage, whose bodies and whose movements are seen as vectors for everyday actions and intimate emotions.

Moreover, since 2006, the company has been exploring other avenues centred on mouvement, whether of material or of images; leading to the production of more dream-like performances ; but always with a well-defined structure.

We have also been anxious to expand our productions to cover three types of performance :

- « Traditional » performances in a theatre context
- Self-sufficient and technically autonomous shows allowing us to perform in a rural environment
- Outside performances, and participation in open-air events


Photo credit : Micheline Sanson