For ten years now, the Vilcanota Company have been saying out loud what many have been thinking quietly to themselves.
It does this in its own particular way, by showing spectators a selection of incredibly ordinary human beings. These ceatures dance, converse, run and shout ; they jump, act and react, they never tire of expressing their joy at being part of the Human Condition.
But they also never forget that, above all, they are Poets of the Absurd.

In this way the Vilcanota Company creates its performances. We can be accused of doing crazy things, but never in a crazy fashion. We are moved by the disorders of the world, we scrutinize the often troubled byways of the human soul; we are filled with wonder at the beauty of flowers.
So, no lack of subject matter, and if we can keep the wolf from the door, the Vilcanota company still has many years of exploration before them.

Often, the Company performs on regular dance stages, our machines squeak and creak, our images unreel and scroll down, our bass speakers vibrate and resonate. This is our Traditional Theatre Performance.
Incredible, no ??

Thanks to our Off-road Performances, we can go pretty well anywhere, community centres, village halls, sports arenas, and other unlikely venues. This is our « just one plug » offer. One socket, one show.
Practical, no ??

For some time now we have been invading Urban Spaces, just for a breath of fresh air. This can upset some of our usual ways of doing things; but we like this fresh look at our shows from an inhabitual audience.
Invigorating, no ??

At the beginning, we just played to adult audiences, but children quickly told us they also felt at home in our universe. So we now play to young audiences too.
Generous, no ??

We should also add that members of the Company also often undertake to transmit their love of the stage to different sections of the public, the young, the less young, the mobile, the less mobile. We call this Peripheral Activity, even when it takes place in the centre of town.
Strange, no ??

Vilcanota doesn't work alone. We are surrounded and supported by many partners who have enabled us in 13 years to create more than a dozen different shows, and to give more than 350 performances.
Pretty good, no ??


Photo credit : Eric Boudet, Vincent Toppino